Simple and intuitive Scrum tool

Simple and Easy to manage your current projects with our SoftCart Scrum tool. Just use our scrum tool and see how easy it is to operate. Try it for free.


Why our Scrum tool?

One of the hardest tasks you have as a project manager is keeping tabs on all of the different tasks you have to manage. Wish there was a better, more intuitive tool that you could use to keep track of everything. Well, now there is. SoftCart has created the ultimate scrum tool that makes it easy to keep your project on time and under budget. Our Scrum tool is the simplest online tool for managing your work. Our tool has drag and drop features, where you can put your live developed units directly on task board section. Not only this, it also helps in prioritizing well defined role of each person involved in project. Project management is easy through this with each person knows what exactly he has to do in how much time. From software team including developer, designer to sprint manager and product owner, every person can use this tool with ease. Our Scrum tool can be best used for complex and cyclic projects. Your customer’s requirements can change any time such as addition of new features or need of daily up dation etc. You can use it for free and see how convenient it is to use this tool.

Intuitive Task Board

Incredibly easy-to-use task board, just move cards using drag-and-drop. Tasks are arranged in columns based on status such as 'To Do,' 'In Progress', 'To Test' and 'Complete' so every team member knows what’s required to be done at any time.

Sprint planning

Pack sprints visually using drag-and-drop

Group users into teams

Add users to SoftCart and organize them into teams. Backlog items can be associated with either individual users and sprints can be assotiated with team.