Task Board

Task Board

Incredibly easy-to-use task boards, just move cards using drag-and-drop. Here, you can see the progress on project yourself. You can see which software units are being developed, which one are in testing phase and which units have been completed. Not only this, you can also see programmers who are working on this project and monitor their work progress.

Sprint Planing

Prioritize and plan

Prioritize your backlog and break it into iterations (sprints). Our sprint planning tool helps you plan out your work and move stories from your backlog into an sprints. The software unit should be properly developed, tested as well as live demo presented to client. Normally, a sprint is a 2 to 4 week long period. Our Sprint Planning tool gives you facility of managing day to day sprints. You can create new sprints, set deadline according to your schedule, add/remove new features in sprint, see live demo of completed sprints and update on going sprints according to your requirement.

Teams and roles

Teams and roles

Create and manage teams using drag-and-drop. Each person involved in project from client, manager to programmer can create his account and manage his work schedule. You can also monitor the team working on the project.

You may thing that there are so many scrum tools available online, then why should I settle for our tool, just because it is free. No, there are more reasons to go for it apart from going for free version. SoftCart scrum tool gives various features to manage your day to day operation for each person such as

Project Manager

As a project manager, the tool gives you an option to
  • Assign tasks to each of software developer
  • Check daily work progress
  • Edit some changes online.

Product Owner

From client’s prospective, it helps him to see your visualized project turning into a reality. You can see how is it being developed and how it would shape in near future. As a product owner, you can
  • Add New Features in your product while development is going on.
  • Do changes as well as leave notes to development team while work is going on.

Software Developer/Designer

As a designer or developer, you can put your developed tasks in task board, update status of your tasks on task board, do necessary changes; even clarify your doubts through note section too. Our task board provides unique drag and drop facility and separate columns for maintain task to do, task completed and task going on etc.